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Bible Baptist Church is located at 280 Riviere Road in Palm Harbor, FL. Our church is located just off of US 19 and Tampa Road. While traveling on Riviere Road, be on the lookout for our sign that sits directly in front of our church.

Sunday School: 9:30 a.m.
Sunday Morning Worship: 10:30 a.m.
Sunday Evening Worship: 5:00 p.m.

Mid-week Prayer Meeting and Bible Study: 7:00 p.m.

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Wondering who we are, what we believe, and what we stand for? You’ll find the answers to these questions and more on the “Learn More About Us” page.

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We exist to impact our community with the gospel of Jesus Christ. We desire to instruct believers as they grow deeper in their relationship with Him. Our goal is to include them in the fellowship of our church, to involve them in opportunities to serve using their unique gifts and abilities, and to inspire them to be all they can for the Lord.

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Looking for a place to grow and to take your next step spiritually? Bible Baptist Church offers many wonderful opportunities for spiritual growth for the whole family! Come join us for our Abundant Life Adult classes where you will be instructed in a small group setting while your children learn amazing Bible stories from our enthusiastic teachers in Children’s Sunday School. Enjoy our vibrant service with exciting conservative music and relevant expository preaching of the Word of God.

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Young Adult Ministry

Synergy Young Adult Ministry - 2 Corinthians 6:1-10

"We then, as workers together with him, beseech you also that ye receive not the grace of God in vain." - 2 Cor. 6:1

Here at Bible Baptist, the Lord has placed a burden on our hearts to reach the often neglected single, young adult age group. Many churches today have ministries for teenagers and married adults, but often times single, young adults (often referred to as College & Career) fall through the cracks.

According to a study conducted by LifeWay Research:

"70 percent of young adults ages 23-30 stopped attending church regularly for at least a year between ages 18-22.

In most cases, the decision to leave was not planned far in advance. Only 20 percent of these 'church dropouts' agree that while they were attending church regularly in high school they 'planned on taking a break from church once [they] finished high school.'"

Many young adults in churches today can become discouraged when they look around and do not see other people their age in church and serving the Lord. It then becomes easy for them to believe the lies of the world that say that “No one is serving God anymore!” or that “There isn’t a place for you in God’s work.” When young adults fail to see other young adults who have a heart to be actively involved in the work of God and to be growing and nurtured in a spiritual environment, it is easy to become like the prophet Elijah in I Kings 19. Elijah did great things for God, but he began to despair of life because he did not think there were any other people who had not bowed the knee to the things of the world. However, God showed Elijah that there was indeed a remnant of people who had not surrendered themselves to the things of the world.

The truth of the matter is that there are still young adults who love God, desire to grow in Him, and long to serve Him.  We desire to reach lost young adults, bring them in from the ungodly influences of the world, and see them saved, baptized, discipled, and grow to serve.  

At Bible Baptist, we also desire to see Christian young adults come and serve the Lord together in a greater capacity than they could individually.  Our primary means of seeing this done is via our Synergy Young Adult Ministry.  Synergy is defined as "the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects."

We know and believe that the health of future Christianity will largely be determined by the up-and-coming generation.  We believe that Christian, young adults have the potential to not only serve God together, but also lead in Christian service.  Our heart's desire to see young adults both grow spiritually in Christ and cooperate as the body of Christ to achieve the goals given the Church by our Lord Jesus Christ.

We desire to see a miraculous shift towards Godliness and Godly living in young people in this stage of life. Young adults need to know that the most enjoyable life is one lived within the will of God and in service together towards Him.

We desire to see young adults lives influenced by the Word of God through:

  • Young Adult Bible Classes
  • Bible studies
  • Christian service
  • Outreach
  • Young adult fellowships and activities

It is the desire of Bible Baptist Church through Synergy Young Adult Ministries to help young adults in their current stage of life as they endeavor to grow, live for, and serve Christ.  In Synergy, young adults will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn how to have a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ
  • Personally grow in their relationship with Christ
  • Learn how the truths of the Bible apply to their daily lives and the decisions they will face
  • Make friends with other young adults who have a heart to serve the Lord in the local church
  • Enjoy fellowship with peers who will support their stand for Christ in a sinful world
  • Serve Christ together
  • Be surrounded by a loving church home

Synergy Young Adult Ministries exist to:

  • See the Lord Jesus Christ magnified in the lives of young adults
  • Lead more young adults accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior
  • Help young adults to grow in their walk with Christ
  • Aid young adults in making important life steps with a Biblical foundation
  • Give young adults the opportunity to become actively involved in serving in the local church